How to use the clip ins hair extension

How to use the clip ins hair extension

What are the advantages of clip in

Clip ins are a great solution if you want to add instant length or volume to your natural hair. They can also be used to camouflage breakage or short areas


What Are Clip In Extensions

A piece of clip ins comes with around 7-9 pieces of several width hair wefts, 


Tips For Picking The Right Clip-In Hair Extensions For Your Short Hair

  • Length Of Hair

The Hair should be at least 3-4 inches long to put a clip-in hair extension in short hair. The clip-ins need to be applied right under the hairline. You will be able to cover them with your hair so that you can avoid them peeking out.

  • Color Of The Extensions

When you are planning to get a clip-in hair extension, make sure to choose the right color. This is crucial for getting perfect blending. In case you cannot get the exact color of your hair, buy a shade lighter and dye it to get the exact shade of your hair.

  • Weight Of The Extension

Weight is another important aspect when picking the clip-in hair extension. Even if your hair isn’t very thick, the extension needs to be a bit heavier. Thick hair extension will mask the blunt ends. The transformation of your hair from short to long with the help of extension will be seamless and unnoticeable.


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